International workshop – March 22-26

Monday March 22 

16.00-19.30 Swiss Time (11 am -2 pm East Coast US; 8-11 am West Coast US) 

16:00-16:10              Introductory remarks and overview

                                    Gian Paolo Dotto 

SESSION 1 – Gender medicine, sex determination and cancer susceptibility

16:10-16:25.             Ongoing efforts in gender medicine

                                    Sabine Oertelt-Prigione

Professor of Gender in Primary and Transmural Care, Radboud University , Nijmegen, The Netherlands

16:25-16:40              Genetic basis of sex determination

Head of the Laboratory of Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics at the Francis Crick Institute

16.40 -16:55             The sex of the intestine and why it matters

                                    Irene Miguel-Aliaga

Genes and Metabolism Section Chair, MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences, and Professor of Genetics and Physiology, Imperial College

16:55-17:10              Questions and group discussions.

17:10-17:20              Break

17:20-17:35              Sex differences in epidemiology of non-sex related cancers

                                    Melinda Schuurman & Jaike Praagman

Netherlands Cancer Registry, and j.praagman@IKNL.NL

17:35-17:50              Sex differences in response to anticancer drugs and immune therapy 

                                    Anna Dorothea Wagner and Berna Özdemir

Consultant Department of Oncology Lausanne University Hospital CHUV/ Bern University Hospital (Inselspital)

17:50-18:10              Two Short talks

18:10-18:25              Questions

18:25-18:35              Break

18:35-19:30              Meet the speakers roundtable (preregistration required).

Tuesday March 23

16:00-19:00 pm Swiss Time (11 am -1:30 pm East Coast US; 8-10:30 am West Coast US)

SESSION 2 – Genetic predisposition and cancer cells genetics

16:00-16:15              Twins, hormones and cancer risk factors

                                    Jaakko Kaprio

Professor of Genetic Epidemiology, Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine & Institute for Molecular Medicine FIMM, HiLIFE University of Helsinki

16:15-16:30              Genetic determinants of cancer susceptibility : a look to the future

                                    Allan Balmain

Professor of Cancer Genetics, UCSF

16:30-16:45              X chromosome silencing and biological impact

                                    Jeannie Lee

Professor of Genetics (Pathology), Harvard Medical School, Molecular Biologist, Massachusetts General Hospital

16:45-17:00              Questions and group discussions

17:00-17:10              Break

17:10-17:25              “Gender specificity in DNA damage response pathways”

Laura Zannini

Group leader, Institute of Molecular Genetics, National Research Council (IGM-CNR), Pavia, IT

17:25–17:50             “The molecular epidemiology of somatic mutations: how does patient sex influence cancer evolution?”

                                    Paul C. Boutros

Group leader, UCLA

17:50 – 18:10           Two Short talks 

18:10– 18:25            Questions

18:25-18:35              Break

18:35-19:30              Meet the speakers roundtable (preregistration required)

Wednesday March 24

16:00-19:00 pm Swiss Time (11 am -2 pm East Coast US; 8-11 am West Coast US )

SESSION 3 – gene mutations and cancer

16:00-16:15              Tumor-suppressor genes that escape from X-inactivation

Andrew Lane 

Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, and Department of Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 

16:15-16:30              Sex disparity and the p53 signaling network

Sue and Yigal Haupt

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, 305 Grattan St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000,

16:30-16:45              Sex differences in glioblastoma

                                    Joshua B. Rubin

Professor of Pediatrics, Hematology and Oncology, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis,

16:45-17:00              Questions and group discussions.

17:00-17:10              Break

17:10-17:25              Pancreatic Cancer

                                    Alexandros Tzatsos

Group leader, School of Medicine and Health Science, George Washington University,

17:25-17:55              Three short talks

17:55 – 18:10           Questions

18:10-18:20              Break

18:20-19:30              Meet the speakers roundtable (preregistration required)

Thursday March 25

16:00-19:00 pm Swiss Time (11 am -2 pm East Coast US; 8-11 am West Coast US)

SESSION 4 – Hormones and cancer

16:00- 16:15             Structure/function

                                    Eva Estébanez-Perpina

AR Group leader Institute of Biomedicine of the University of Barcelona (IBUB),

16:15-16:30              Role of local sex steroid synthesis and metabolism in hormonal carcinogenesis

                                    Matti Poutanen

Professor of Physiology, Institute of Biomedicine, University of Turku, Finland

16:30-16:45              Finding Dory: hormone exposure, mutational signatures and estrogen receptor defines the early oncogenesis processes at play in the cell of origin of breast cancer

                                    Luca Magnani

Group leader, Imperial College London,.

16:45-17:00              Questions and group discussions.

17:00-17:10              Break

17:10-17:25              Sex hormones signaling in male breast cancer

                                    Wilbert Zwart

Group leader, Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI),

17:25-17:50              ER signaling and Melanoma

                                    Todd Ridky

Group leader Department of Dermatology, U. Penn,

17:50-18:05              AR signaling in skin cancer

                                    Soumitra Ghosh / Min Ma

UNIL, Department of Biochemistry,

18:05-18:15              One short talk

18:15–18:30             Questions

18:30-18:40              Break

18:40-19:30              Meet the speakers roundtable (preregistration required)

Friday March 26

16:00-17:00 pm Swiss Time (11 am -12 pm East Coast US; 8-9 am West Coast US)


16:00-16:15              Gender differences in metabolism

                                    Adriana Maggi

Professor of Pharmacological Biotechnologies, University of Milan,

16:15-16:30              “Gene-by-sex interactions regulating mitochondrial functions and cardio-metabolic traits”

                                    Aldons Jake Lusis

16:30-16:45              “Sex differences in brain development and function: Implications for comorbidity of psychiatric and cardiovascular outcomes”

                                    Jill Goldstein

Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Executive Director, Innovation Center on Sex Differences in Medicine, Massachusetts General

16:45-17:00              Questions & group discussions.

17:00-17:10              Break

17:10-17:30              ICPI life time achievement cancer prevention award

Tony Howell

17:30-18:00              Questions, discussion and concluding remarks