Carlos Ronchi

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne


Carlos has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Federal University of Paraná, Brazil and a Master’s degree in Mathematics from University of São Paulo, Brazil. His main interests are how to use the novel mathematical tools to study the biological process that are found in nature.

During his masters he studied several mathematical tools from topological data analysis, a new area whose focus is to better understand the shape of the objects. He also applied these tools in the prediction of protein stability, a fundamental area of research which can help us better understand the function of proteins and thus develop new medicine. As part of the dissertation, Carlos spent 6 months at Rutgers University under the supervision of Konstantin Mischaikow.

Now, Carlos is set to pursue a PhD at EPFL under supervision of Prof. Dr. Cathrin Brisken, where he will study and analyse the role of progestins in the breast epithelium development. This project will help us better understand the role of birth control pills and hormonal replacement therapies in women.