Diana Neacsu

MBA, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne


Trained academically as a journalist, Diana followed her innate curiosity and dedication to research, to bring to the spotlight events, innovations, products, personalities and topics with high social impact. 


During this 15-year journey she learned how challenging it is to communicate impactfully: words only make up for 15% of our messages so what comes in addition to that – images, tone, body language – is often more important, regardless of topic or culture. Harnessing this 85% is what she found most intriguing: it often seemed like finding the road in thick fog. To make up for it, she worked closely with colleagues who were often pioneers in their areas of expertise: crisis communicators, investigation journalists, website masters, communication strategists, graphic artists and spokespersons. 


From them, she learned to abide by 3 professional mantras:

  1. Explain things as if your mom had to understand them. 
  2. Put yourself in the shoes of your counterpart: why would you listen/read?
  3. Less is more, so be concise. 


Diana got her BA in Journalism from Bucharest University and complemented her training with an MA in Public Policy from Central European University and an MBA from Willamette University while on a Fulbright Scholarship. She is member of Betta Gamma Sigma and Pi Alpha Alpha international societies for top academic achievement in management and public affairs. She worked in academia as well as the chemical, constructions, consulting and non-profit sectors in Europe and the USA before joining Cancerprev in March 2020.