Jovan Isma

University of Lausanne


Jovan Isma is devoted to become translational physician in the field of cancer. His main goal is to improve the health of cancer patients and minimize their suffering.

In the Gian-Paolo Dotto’s laboratory, Jovan will try to understand how androgen receptor signaling is connected to cancer associated fibroblasts activation in skin cancer development.

Jovan recieved his MD degree from the University of Belgrade. During his studies, he enrolled in a few scientific projects concerning cellular biology and cancer treatment. He tried to decipher the mechanisms of action of novel synthesized molecules, potential anticancer agents, on one of the most common pediatric tumor neuroblastoma. He was awarded the University of Belgrade Award for the best student research paper in 2016/17 in the field of biomedical sciences.

To explore the principle “benchside to bed to benchside”, the process of translating basic scientific knowledge into clinical practice and vice versa, he worked as a summer school student in Dr. Jens Marquardt’s lab at the University of Mainz. He was investigating deep learning algorithm prediction (application of artificial intelligence to tailor therapy, based on data obtained from tumor tissue) of several cancer inhibitors (small molecules used to inhibit growth of cancerous cells) on patient-derived cell lines from liver and pancreatic cancer.

He believes that CANCERPREV is a unique opportunity for him to reach his goals.